• How to restore confidence and full health without drugs or surgery
  • The alarming way your pain impacts your horse and what to do about it
  • The #1 overlooked source of pain and how to get relief fast!
  • The top 3 secrets to riding your horse with comfort and balance
  • How to release tension and pain to create an easy ride


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  • End frustration and struggle – follow this proven path to ride with ease

This webinar is for you if you’re….

  • Suffering from persistent back, hip and neck pain
  • Worried that you’ll never ride again
  • Afraid of falling because you feel unsteady
  • Exhausted from trying everything to get pain relief
  • Anxious that you’ll never recover from surgery

You don’t have to suffer any longer!

I’ve helped 100’s of riders like you rebuild their confidence and get back in the saddle again!


headshot-pam“Heather profoundly improved my ‘seat’…I’m looking forward to competition again and doing so pain free…”

“As an equestrian, I like the break from riding by participating in studio but I must say that I do particularly enjoy the mounted sessions. Heather has profoundly improved my ‘seat’ in no other way that any other instructor has been able to over my 30 years of riding. I have never sat so deep in the saddle with such a secure feeling and free of knee pain. Words do fall short of describing the change and feeling. What I can say is that I do look forward to competition again and doing so pain free unlike how it occurred for me in the past – pills and bandages, having to be pulled off my horse since I could not dismount, etc. So looking forward to more improvements!”

- Pam Knight


headshot-penny“…my pain has decreased by at least 80%…riding is more comfortable, and my horse is moving great.”

“Over the last several months of working with Heather, my pain has decreased by at least 80%. I am moving and riding so much better. I have a new awareness of how my body moves off the horse and I am beginning to integrate the work into my riding. Riding is becoming more comfortable, and my horse is moving great. My body is beginning to recognize that riding is not “work” and my horse and I are beginning to flow together. Thank-you Heather!”

– Penny Neault


headshot-virginia“It was amazing to feel my horse relax and “GO” with the moment….”

“Working off my horse, visualizing and then getting directly on my horse allowed me to translate the movement I’d been thinking about and just “BE” in the moment rather than trying to create the moment. It was amazing to feel my horse relax and “GO” with the moment too.”

– Virginia Lux


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Heather Beachum
The Ride Forever Mentor

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